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Adare International to become an independent business

Adare International to become an independent business

We are pleased to announce that Adare International is taking the positive and proud step of becoming a standalone business. The Adare Group (the ultimate parent company of Adare International) is being dissolved and two standalone companies will be formed:  Adare International and Adare SEC. The separation of the businesses will become effective from 1st August 2017, at which point they will become independent legal entities. The separation will bring no change in Adare International’s ultimate ownership, with Endless LLP remaining our majority shareholder and continuing to offer the same level of support and investment we have so far benefitted from. 

This decisive and exciting step will allow Adare International to continue the execution of our strategic plans and provides us with the flexibility to capitalise on our unique ability to deliver innovation and value to our customers. This approach, coupled with our service driven culture, has enabled strong sales growth, a key factor in the Board’s decision to pursue independence.

The separation comes on the back of an exciting year for Adare International, as we strengthened our UK presence with the acquisition of Banner Managed Communication and continued our aggressive international expansion. Our success means we now serve over 50 of the world’s most dynamic and recognisable brands and have an unrivalled presence in over 40 countries, with 63 offices employing over 600 specialist marketing services staff.

Andrew Dutton, Adare International’s CEO, commented “This is a positive step for the business and I’m very proud of the commitment and dedication of our teams which has driven this success. We remain focused, first and foremost, on delivering innovation and value to our customers, and we’re confident that becoming an independent business will enhance our ability to provide outstanding marketing services across all of our markets”.