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Success Story

Allianz Allianz


Allianz is one of the world's largest insurance companies, headquartered in Munich, Germany. After a 14 month selection process Adare International secured a 7 year term on one of the most sought after contracts in the UK. The deal resulted in the creation of an award winning marketing services and document management centre of excellence.

The Challenge

  • No service interruption
  • Reduce complexity in the business
  • Deliver sustainable / ambitious cost savings
  • Enhance customer communications to improve acquisition and retention
  • Encompass multiple trading divisions, operating entities and stakeholder areas
  • Maintain / exceed service levels and business continuity


During the course of the contract, all expectations have been exceeded, with the achievement of :

  • Savings  42% above target.
  • 30% increase in facility usage
  • Data converted into business intelligence
  • Comprehensive retraining / up-skilling program for 38 staff
  • 20 new jobs created and filled locally (50% increase in workforce)

This is a superb example of collaboration at all levels, between not only the two main strategic partners but also between business functions, with Procurement playing a pivotal role.

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