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Success Story

MicroFocus - COBOL academic programme MicroFocus - COBOL academic programme

COBOL academic programme

Micro Focus asked Adare’s in-house Purple Agency to create a unique identity and a range of assets for their COBOL Academic Program, highlighting the serious lack of COBOL skills in today’s marketplace. The project involved simultaneously targeting three different audiences: universities, students and businesses.

Purple developed a clear, easily recognisable brand identity with a set of eye-catching icons. The look and feel was applied to a range of assets specifically developed to target the three audiences. This included brochures, an infographic using real-world statistics to illustrate why universities, students and businesses must all take action to “Bridge the COBOL skills gap”, posters (currently displayed in Micro Focus’s head office) a video and a flyer.

The client was delighted and quickly approved the new branding. The identity is future-proof, ensuring longevity for any forthcoming COBOL Academic Programme communications. Future complementary deliverables currently being created by Purple include a video targeting students, a ‘Little Book of COBOL’ and a flyer.

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