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RBSG - Photographs on Business Cards RBSG - Photographs on Business Cards

Photographs on Business Cards

RBSG needed an automated solution to add staff photos to business cards, taking into account numerous complexities. There were many different brands and business streams within the group and there would potentially be up to 1,800 staff ordering cards from the first two business streams to go live. In addition RBSG insisted on minimal or no disruption to business as usual.

Adare’s solution comprises overnight transfer of artwork from another RBSG supplier to an Adare SFTP as and when new images are added or updated. Each image has a unique identifier that staff will remember, such as employee ID number. Using online templates that capture all information input by the individual staff members, the client is able to preview and approve their photographic business cards online.  Once approved, a print ready PDF is created that includes a high res image. This is directed to the printer for printing digitally next working day.

Adare’s highly experienced in-house IT team seamlessly implemented the process without causing disruption to BAU. The process will ensure that there are no additional costs for manual proofing and ensure a 100% correct first time rate. RBSG enjoys a high quality, low cost and efficiently produced product that is personalised to their requirements.

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