A guide to promoting your promotional products

When you invest in promotional products, you want to get your money’s worth. Obviously you want to make the most of them at every event and trade show. But more importantly, you need to be smarter with how you use them to showcase your business.

A free gift might be just what’s necessary to transform a prospect into a happy customer. Here’s how to make your promotional products work harder for you:

1) Promote your promotional products online

Not only is your website a great place to host branded items, it provides plenty of ways to offer them to customers. Here you could provide a free gift with a purchase (include a minimum purchase price if you do this), if they sign up to a mailing list or submit feedback about your product or service. By doing so, you will increase your sales and the names on your mailing list. If you’re using customer data for a new marketing activity, be sure to check that your privacy policy allows this.

2) Add a specific URL to your products

By using a specific URL to direct customers to your products you can start tracking and monitoring their subsequent actions or sales activities. This is a simple way to attribute sales and add real value to your promotional products. It’s also a great way to measure return on investment. Depending on your segmentation strategy, you could consider using different URLs attached to different offers.

3) Think about in-store giveaways

Bricks and mortar businesses present opportunities to give away branded items in store. In the same vein as a website promotion, customers receive a free gift when they make a minimum purchase, thus boosting average sales. Alternatively, customers could be rewarded with a gift when they sign up to receive a newsletter or provide contact details for future marketing campaigns.

4) Distribute goodie bags

You may want to take things a step further by offering customers a selection of rewards rather than just one item. ‘Goodie bags’ could feature a promotional item, a leaflet about your business, a business card, and perhaps a store discount voucher too. Whether you choose to hand these out to people in the local area, pass them on to other businesses, or give them to friends, this method often inspires successful word-of-mouth promotion.

5) Add a voucher to the product

To add value and encourage recipients to keep your promotional products, consider giving away print vouchers with your promotional products, or, even better, print the voucher code onto the product itself. Be sure to use multi-use vouchers with no expiry date and include some information about how to apply it (e.g. minimum spend).

On average, people hang on to promotional items for about a year. They rarely remember an advert for that long. Assuming your customers find your promotional products useful, of good quality or reflective of your brand, by introducing a little creativity you can use them to add real value to your business.

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