Adare has a new peatland carbon capture project

We’re embarking on our next carbon capture project!

A little different than our last project, it looks to develop our support in biodiversity. Our new 5.3 hectare peatland project, Talla Moss, will look to restore the valuable peatland in an area just on the Scottish border in the UK. 

Peatlands are wetland ecosystems, and are one of the most valuable ecosystems on Earth. They occur in every climatic zone and continent covering 2.84% of the Earth’s surface. Due to their make up, when healthy, they can store more carbon than any other ecosystem including forests. Peatlands have many benefits, not only are they vital in supporting our global biodiversity, but also help to generate safe drinking water, they minimise flood risks, and also support climate change through the carbon that they are able to store.

Peatlands can degrade over time through being drained for fuel, compost, or even grazing. This changes the environment dramatically and consequently prevents the capture and storage of CO2.

This first carbon capture project will recover the equivalent of 830 tonnes of carbon loss spanning the next 100 years. We expect to complete our part of the restoration of the area by Q2 in 2021, and have already lined up similar projects in the area to move onto. We look forward to seeing this new and different set of projects develop.


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