Adare International joins the Woodland Trust and Julia Bradbury for a successful tree planting event in the South

On Friday 23rd November Adare took part in an active day creating new native woodland in association with Premier Paper’s Carbon Capture programme.

Taking place at Langley Vale, an ancient woodland just south of Epsom, Adare was amongst 150 tree planters busy working alongside the Woodland Trust, television presenter Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide, to plant 3,000 oak, beech and cherry saplings

The Langley Vale woodland is part of the North Downs National Character Area (NCA), a chain of chalk hills across the south east. Chalk grassland is a notable feature of this landscape and is of ecological importance due to its ability to support rare species.

Adare’s commitment to the Carbon Capture programme captures the CO2 emissions from our paper purchases, providing an effective way to reduce our carbon footprint whilst creating and maintaining native woodland here in the UK.

Tracy Ellison, Managing Director UK, Adare International said of the event, “We are delighted to have taken part in this fantastic tree planting day. As part of our continued commitment to operate in an ethical and sustainable manner, Adare is taking responsibility for the effects of our carbon dioxide emissions whilst working hard to reduce them.”



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