Empowering you to empower your business

One of the pillars to a businesses growth and development is its people and their ability to support that evolution. Environments, technology, and processes are continuously growing, and so businesses are ultimately reliant on the knowledge and personal development of their teams.

We want to help you feel empowered to support that development and even make some of those pioneering decisions. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our own learning partner Abintegro, to bring you a range of valuable resources to help empower your own development. We’ll be sharing what we think are some really useful tools if you have anything to do with marketing communications and its associated functions.

With 700 staff across 40 countries we have some really talented people, and we aim to support their career and learning by providing them access to the right tools. Abintegro’s career development platform enables us to do that, giving access to a range of best-in-class resources from a variety of recognised industry providers. These resources cover a range of topics from role specific needs through to wider personal development tools. Abintegro’s support is empowering every employee to take charge of their own career development.

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