Graphic Arts Students learn about Adare and the Outsourcing Market

George Homsi, Adare’s Operations Director for the LATAM Region, recently spoke to students at a careers event, which took place at SENAI Theobaldo de Nigris Technical School of Graphic Arts in São Paulo, where George was a former student.

George spoke to the students about how he has built his career in the graphics market, the opportunities that Adare has offered and the prospects and challenges of the industry in 2019.

The students, who attend courses in Graphic Production, Prepress, Visual Communication, Offset Printing and Rotoflex Printing, were also able to meet with other members of the Adare team to discuss their future career paths.

George commented “This event was attended by 133 students who were able to gain a clear understanding of our industry and the paths they can follow to achieve their aspirations and they will hopefully form our bank of future talents!”

Douglas Nunes, a Graphic Production student added “I would like to thank Adare for the opportunity to understand what people are doing in the industry and how they achieved this. Knowing this is very rewarding and motivating. I hope that Adare will continue to grow, and if I can contribute, I would be happy to do so!”


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