Our Q3 Shining Stars

Well done and thank you to our final Shining Stars winners for Q3 2020!

We’ve had some amazing nominations as usual, and what better way to start rounding off the year than looking at some of our achievements.

For Collaboration

Winners: Charlie Rouse, Amanda Sykes, Shane Brown, Tom Sargent, Raven Brookes, Dave Williams Dom Du-Prat, Paul Carnell, Steve Usher, Adam Baker and Denzil Bradley

​​​​​​​The team worked together to create some truly engaging ‘warm-up’ material for one of our large multinational technology clients. They worked to a tight deadline, alongside multiple stakeholders, all with the additional restrictions of global lockdown. The end result was an immersive range of gamified puzzles, compelling video footage, and memorable storylines and characters.

2nd place: For implementation of a new client in the UK - Pete Thornton, Jenny Garbutt, Janine Tallentire, Darren Lee, Michael West, Mike Pope, Christina Florio and Becky Harrington

3rd place: For going above and beyond to support his colleagues - Clovis Sombini (Brazil)

For Innovation and Creativity

Winner - Mauricio Arias (Colombia)

Mauricio played a leading role in the delivery and development of our new digital client innovation days. In light of global lockdowns our normal face to face sessions were no longer an option and Mauricio helped us deliver a new digital solution. It’s currently being pioneered by teams across Latin America with the aim of providing it across our global client base. 

2nd place - For their development of a new centralised permanent POS solution for a client - Rob Thomas, Tim Ward, Tim Hartland, Geraldine Kramer and Nitin Khanna

3rd place - For the implementation of a new importation process in the Ukraine - Olena Borisenko (Ukraine)

For Passion, Bravery & Integrity

Winner: Harriet Cornelius (Purple)

Harriet has been recognised for her consistent high quality of work. She thrives on delivering the very best, challenging the norm, and always delivering no matter what.

Joint 2nd place: For their fight and passion to deliver - Luiz Furini (Brazil)

Joint 2nd place: For going the extra mile in supporting the business - Richard Hill (UK)

3rd place: For their commitment and support with one of our key clients - Viviana Reategui, Alejandra Casallas and Andrea Galindo ( Promotional Team Nestle Colombia).


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