Promotional products: don’t sell your brand short

There are many ways to promote a business. The question businesses face is: which channels are going to give the most bang for their buck?

Even though a Facebook ad reaches significant numbers of people, the chances are that most will scroll past it without giving it a second glance. Put the promotional item and the marketing message into someone’s hand and it’s much harder to ignore. And there aren’t many people who say no to a freebie.

According to Promotional Products Association International, 88% of people claim a promotional product helps them better remember advertisers. Meanwhile, consumers were 2.5 times as likely to have a positive impression of a company that gave them a promotional product, versus a company that showed them a digital ad.

In terms of getting value for money, promotional products are hard to beat. Add to that the range of items available and the only limitation to a marketer’s promotional success is imagination.

An article on Business2Community suggests a number of ways businesses can use promotional items to their advantage:

  • What makes a great promotional product?

For some, promotional products are token objects that carry a logo. And while this is true, they can offer much more than simply boosting brand awareness. These items have the potential to act as powerful sales nurturing tools.

By thinking about promotional products at a more strategic level, you can create even more impact. Start by identifying the tools and items your potential customers use in daily life. Then look for synergies between the benefits of your goods or services and the things you identified.

  • Look for a product that ticks multiple boxes

For your promotional products to be successful they need to solve a user issue. The more creative, practical, simple to use and memorable an item is, the more effective it will be.

For example, many people would find a metal business card that doubles-up as a bottle opener or a notebook made from apple peel useful. Plus, every time the customer uses the item, they’ll be reminded of your brand.

  • Do your sales prospects want yet another pen?

It is vital that promotional items reinforce key attributes associated with a brand – something often forgotten when promotional product are ordered. By basing decisions on quantity over quality, and cost over function, marketers risk losing sight of the message or the purpose of the item.

This is why we see so many pens at trade shows and other events. They might be cheap, easy to transport and useful, but they are not strategic. You also have to wonder, what does a cheap biro say about your brand?

  • Don’t be lazy when choosing the right promotional products

There are plenty of brands that could be accused of being less than proactive when it comes to promotional product development. Taking a more strategic approach can help give your company a competitive edge and ensure you don’t waste time and money. A well-executed promotional item has the potential to act as a miniature billboard in the lives of your sales prospects.

Start thinking about promotional products not as cheap reminder tools, but as items of perpetual value with the power to generate business, value for money and customer satisfaction.

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