Marketing Technology

Multi-platform access to control, integrate and streamline marketing activity

Marketing Technology

Our technology proposition is consistently cited by our clients as one of the major reasons for choosing to work with us. We have always placed technology at the centre of the solutions that we build for clients. Our approach differs from many of our competitors in that we develop and build our own platforms rather than rely on third party technology.

Developed in-house at Adare, our system components are designed to perfectly complement each other to streamline workflows and deliver maximum benefits to our clients.

Adare develops and build unique and bespoke web hosted catalogues for a number of key clients including Coca-Cola, Hilton and Carlsberg and these are powered by our proprietary Ichor operating technology platform.

Some of the key features/benefits of these catalogues include:

  • On Demand Product Catalogues
  • Harmonisation Product Catalogues
  • Scheduled Order Windows
  • Product Libraries
  • Order Tracking
  • On-Line Support
  • Instant Reporting
  • Innovation Zone

Each solution is tailored to the bespoke specification of the client, can be fully integrated into procurement tools such as SAP Ariba and forms an integral part of Adare’s market leading outsourced marketing solution.

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