Point of Sale

Showcasing your brand through eye catching and revenue generating display solutions

Point of Sale

Differentiation is a key marketing attribute. Showcasing our clients’ products is as much an art as it is a science.  And this is where our creativity and design capability fits seamlessly alongside our procurement expertise - working with Marketing to create the most effective display and with Procurement to ensure it can be delivered within budget.

From single displays to multi-outlet pan-regional solutions, our teams are focused on delivering an integrated solution and true industry best practice.

We operate internal agency teams in each region who work closely with our product development teams on conceptualisation and ideation. This includes general day-to-day research together with client specific development initiatives to gather the latest ideas and insights in POS, Display considering key themes such as Shopper & Trade marketing insights, the Shopper journey and trade client relationships.

There is always room for ideas and innovations to ensure our clients remain at the forefront of this rapidly changing market.  Our clients look to us to drive process re-engineering and improvement initiatives as well as to consider how creativity and technology can add value to their in-store marketing and promotional campaign activity.

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