Success Story

Carphone Warehouse Carphone Warehouse

Transforming marketing efficiency and effectiveness in-store with innovative technology


To boost sales at it’s 2,400 stores across Europe, leading high-street retailer CPW runs major marketing campaigns in its stores and updates in-store materials to reflect market and product changes. In-store marketing creates a buzz around the latest products and technologies, informs customers about the latest products and promotions, and helps converts more customer visits into sales. To maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of in‑store communications, CPW needs to deliver the right communications to the right stores first time, quickly and cost-effectively. In the past, however, fragmented information and processes hampered and sometimes delayed the delivery of in-store marketing materials.


We deployed an innovative technology platform called IRIS, which uses automated workflows to join up marketing processes and increase campaign efficiency. Distribution lists for in store communications can now be created automatically, saving two days of administrative time. A traffic management system also sends design briefs to the creative studio, and passes on finished designs to the retail marketing team immediately for approval. IRIS also centralises store and product data to create a ‘single version of the truth’ for campaign teams. By providing a single repository for all of CPW’s digital assets, including all Point-of-Sale (POS) artwork, IRIS reduces routine administration. If stores request replacement POS displays, for example, marketing teams can find and replenish them quickly. Store managers can also log queries and update information about their stores, ensuring that there are no delivery errors in the future.


IRIS is contributing to total print and material savings of £1m at CPW.
• CPW marketing teams can also see at a glance how many stores have the right communications on display during campaigns and report effectively on ‘campaign compliance’.
• IRIS helps CPW ensure that communications materials are displayed in stores in a standard way to provide the best customer experience.
• CPW now has a single view of marketing data across the business, giving them a platform for continual improvement.

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