Supporting councils to support our local communities

The UK government has launched many initiatives since the COVID-19 outbreak, but with infection rates now declining the focus has moved to how they can support returning to a sense of normality. That means the reopening of our high streets, town and city centres, and also our public spaces like beachfronts and promenades. The launch of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) ‘Reopening High Streets Safely Fund’ announced by High Streets Minister Simon Clarke on 24th May, is aimed to support just that.

The fund has set aside money for each council across England to support them in reopening non essential retail safely. We know how important our local high streets and public spaces are to the economy, and as a Marketing Communications Company we’re able to offer a range of services to support their development in the new world.

If you’re looking at ways your council can utilise the new fund, or just want to understand how it works, then we’ve put together a short summary of the key information and some ideas around how to use it. Click below to find out more.


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