Technology & fun drives engagement

When MSD Animal Health posed a challenge to our Brazilian team to deliver a Point-of-Sale (POS) solution that would grab pet owner’s attention for its Bravecto brand, we said “no problem!”

Given the brief to ensure that pet owners better understand the brand and its benefits, our solution was to combine creativity, technology and interaction, to deliver not one, but two innovative POS solutions.

Lift and Learn technology

The first solution includes the use of interactive ‘lift & learn’ technology. This innovative approach utilises three promotional items (a pink piggy bank to represent cost benefits, a toy house to represent protection for home and pet, and a Bravecto product box for the Bravecto technology) along with an eye-catching POS display stand with a large integral monitor.

So how does it work?

As each item is picked up and handled, a different set of rotating images and videos play out on screen. As the pet owners interact they find it almost impossible not to pick up the other two promo items to see what happens next: as a result, they see and hear the whole Bravecto story, learning all about the brand in a fun and engaging way.

Passers-by cannot help but be drawn in too!

And an additional benefit is by using a behaviour camera, the Bravecto team are able to identify the profile of those interacting with the display, providing insightful data to their trade marketing team.

3D infinite edge Cube

Not only that, but our team also delivered interactive, infinite edge, 3D LED Cubes, enabling a second, totally unique POS experience. These ‘infinite edge’ cubes contain dynamic information that have an advantage of being able to be updated remotely.

Our client said

The Bravecto team said: “The pet market has been growing at an accelerated rate in recent years, and to stand out at the point of sale we need to differentiate ourselves through innovations, excellence in execution and experience to the shopper.

“This project uses interactivity and fun to convey information about the importance of care and prevention against fleas and ticks in both pets and in their environment; Adare’s solution conveys clearly how to identify the problem and the treatment cycle.”



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