Your post-pandemic marketing strategy – A roadmap to recovery

The UK Government’s roadmap to normality, set out in February, has given business leaders hope. The economy is about to turn “a decisive corner with enormous amounts of pent-up financial energy waiting to be released, like a coiled spring” - Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s s chief economist (Feb 21), has said.

The retail, hospitality and leisure industries look set to see the first surge with 33% of consumers listing dining indoors at a restaurant or bar as one of the top activities they’re eager to get back to, while 22% said shopping for non-necessities (McKinsey). However, with changes in buyer behaviour businesses will need to make sure that their post-pandemic marketing communications, print, point of sale, and promotional merchandise are all fit for the new normal in order to thrive.

Our useful guide sets out the three-stage approach to support your post-pandemic marketing strategy and how to get away clean:

  • Stage 1 - Preparing for partial opening
  • Stage 2 - Open but under restrictions
  • Stage 3 - Back to 'normal' and beyond

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